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The Scale Conspiracy
The Bible on Handling Emotions
by Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E. NGH certified


Have you wondered How to Control Binge Eating, Boredom, and Comfort  Eating?

Has it gotten to the point that you think your bathroom scale is conspiring against you? Has "Binging" become your middle name?

Today is the day everything changes in your life because you’re going to make the connection with why you cheat with food and get learn how to control binge eating.

And you’ll never be able to “CHEAT” again!


Richard Teaches you how to contol Binge, Comfort and Boredom Eating

You already know what a HUGE difference
being thin will make in your life.


But, you've seen it happen again and again: People get to their goal weight and
gain it all back or perhaps can never quite get to that goal weight.

Truth is (Not to rain on your parade, but) people have been dropping weight for decades and feeling good about it as they should, but then they go off and gain it all back. In fact statistics say 95% gain it back. Why? Something happens like a disaster or even they just take a great vacation. Why do they gain it back? Answer: Because they are ill equipped to deal with these new and different resultant emotions (which could be as basic as bordome eating) which are what I've realized is key to keeping it off.

That frustration ends today because the help you’ve been praying for to handle your obsessive compulsive eating disorder has finally arrived. Here is the Book That Will Tell You Exactly How to Get Not Only Your Weight In Order But Also Your Life!


The Scale Conspiracy is a precise, step-by-step road map so you can learn how to control binge eating and end binging to create the ultimate thin body. What you've never been told is that there are three distinct different kinds of eating—habitual, emotional, and self defeating eating.

In each section you’ll find a piece of the puzzle of how to manage habitual eating, emotional eating and self defeating eating.

As you quickly consume this easy-to-read book, you’ll understand immediately how to get a handle on habitual, emotional, or self defeating eating and you'll find that you will eat every thing that you really want but will be amazed to find that you will fill up on flavor and taste and consume far less in quantity than you ever dreamed possible. Yes, you’ll be able to stop binging in its tracks and eliminate you obsessive compulsive eating disorder. 


What One of the Leading Bariatric Specialists is Saying
“I would say that if every overweight patient learned all of the lessons that are presented in this magnum opus, the success rate in treating their obesity would be dramatically improved.”
--Warren Levin, M.D.,F.A.A.F.P., F.A.C.N.


In today’s world…
The temptations of food are everywhere and advice on how to deal with it runs like water.  The answer is to go back to the basics and refine them:
Emotions have been with man from the beginning, yet little is known about how to effectively deal with them. In fact rather than knowing how to deal with emotions, most of us have been trained and educated in how to avoid or pretend that certain emotions aren’t there when they are. It only makes sense that food becomes a pacifier. In order to successfully experience weight loss motivation you must find a way of successfully handling emotions that are uniquely yours. For some that means learning to handle disappointment, others happiness, others frustration, others depression, and so on.

We’ve come to a point of
“Realization” where it’s important to take charge of your life in order to take charge of your eating habits.

It simply isn’t enough to follow advice and try to control the stress that causes emotion.

If you’re thinking, “But I’ve read a dozen of these ‘Get excited lose weight books before, and been on an equal number of diets” think again!

Most programs to help people lose weight take the wrong approach.
They make major mistakes including:

• Treat all over eating the same not realizing that there are three distinct types of eating and each is handled differently. 
• If they deal with emotions, they attempt to deal with the stress that causes the emotion rather than the stress that the emotion causes (a huge difference in approach). In fact dealing with the stress that results in emotions is like trying to empty the ocean with a bucket.
• Make the over weight person feel guilty and less than.
• Never focus on the building of true self esteem, but instead link self esteem with their weight.
• Never provide methods of dealing with self sabotage.
• Use anxiety or counter productive suggestions or thoughts such as:

• You won’t desire food.
• You’ll give up and do without eating so much.
• You won’t want desert.
• You won’t be hungry.
• You’ll enjoy your diet.
• Sticking to your diet will give you great pleasure.

• Try to ward off temptation with advice from the 70's like when you feel hungry:

• Take a walk
• Call a friend
• Listen to music
• Drink lots of water
• Exercise

Shed weight and keep it off by realizing that you can be any one or all of
three types of eater:

• A Habitual eater who eats out of habit.
• An Emotional eater who uses food to console emotions such as boredom eating, eating as a reward, frustration, and so on, 
• A Self Defeating eater who is afraid of not living up to his/her expectations and uses food to dilute those fears rather than face them.

Learn how to identify what type of eater you are at any given time and successfully shed weight and keep it off.


“You can rest assured that these insights came not from an “Ivory Tower” researcher but from an individual who understands the problem of over eating from having been there himself...”
Daniel Jass, M.D.

It's not an approach, it's The APPROACH"

"My friends hate me because they're getting fat on all the food I leave on the plate."

"You don't recognize me, do you? I came to you three years ago and got rid of
110 pounds since then."

"I want to thank you for your book "Scale Conspiracy". I have just finished reading it for my first time. Your no nonsense approach to emotional issues is so down to earth. I have read many self help books and yours is very simplistic, yet such profound information. I have always felt like life should be handled in a simple way, as we tend to complicate things along the way. When we complicate things, we get stressed. Reading your book has helped me to put this "simplicity" back on track. Now I realize why nothing I tried in the past worked, but I know this will because this was my answer to the "why" and "how" questions that has been on my mind for weeks now."
W.P. from Ward Cove, AK


"I have been listening to the tape as I sleep at night and have lost 12 pounds in two weeks! I have co-workers who don't believe me that it works but I am a total believer. I have noticed little things changing like wanting a glass of water when I wake up each morning. There is no other explanation as far as I'm concerned.
JJ from Lexington Park, MD


The skinny book is giving me motivation. Now I look at shedding pounds not losing weight. It also allows you to relate to what your mind set is on food and how to control it. Why are you really eating? Are you hungry? Most times I am not. I think the skinny book gives you insight to putting out positive energy and attitude and if anyone is sending you negative energy---don't let them. You have the power to control your own destiny and get SKINNY. Read the Skinny book.
Susan Redmond



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Guarantee: Guaranteed to be the most valuable resource to handle emotional eating or your money back.

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About the Author
The Author - Richard KuhnsRichard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E. (a former chemical engineer) is a specialist in biofeedback, stress management, relaxation skills, cognitions and certified in hypnosis. His background in engineering has allowed him to “go beyond the box” in his approach to empower others for success in their personal growth goals. He has successfully worked with thousands of individuals to achieve their goals of shedding weight, improved self esteem, managing stress, and becoming healthier overall.

As an accomplished hypnotist, Richard is considered to be one of the most progressive of the self-help specialists. His progressive approach to self-help by combining hypnosis with a cognitive shift (a shift in one's thinking perspective), nutrition, and stress management skills brings incredible results.

Richard operated Hypnosis Consultants and the Biofeedback Center of NJ for over twenty years. Presently he is in private practice and has created and authored of over fifty self empowering CD's or MP3 Downloads available at

The Scale Conspiracy for Comfort, Binge, and Boredom Eating The Scale Conspiracy to End Emotional, Compulsive, and Binge Eating
In 1984, using himself as a test subject, a brilliant researcher in New Jersey solved the riddle of why dieting doesn't work while permanently dropping 40 pounds himself. He then proceeded to help thousands of others do the same. Over the years, his remarkable findings were lost in the noise of a gigantic weight-loss industry intent on making money from chronic dieters. Now, finally, this landmark solution to permanently losing weight is available again . . . . "

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